We've all heard the horror stories and everyone seems to know someone that's had a bad experience building a house. We promise this will be different. We can help right from the start with establishing budgets, evaluating plans, options and shopping for all the distinct features and finish products to make your house a home. We will provide a list of our preferred vendors, each a trusted name in the Huntsville business community. What's not to like about designing and watching your dream home come together? We welcome the opportunity to replace that stress with an enjoyable experience you can enjoy for years. Reference below for a sample of customer feedback...

  • We found just what we were looking for with Covenant Homes!"
  • We wanted a builder that would be there with us from the beginning all the way to the end of the project and beyond.  Someone that would communicate with us about changes we wanted, the cost of those changes upfront and even lend their professional opinion to make our dream home even better."
  • I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all that you have done in making our move to Huntsville a success."
  • Do we recommend Covenant Homes?  Yes we do!  If you want the complete package there is no other builder to consider."
  • We found a knowledgeable builder.  Someone who knew the art and had experience that would back it up."
  • The last thing we wanted was to have a cookie cutter house that looked like everyone else's in the subdivision.  We wanted a truly custom built home and that is what Covenant Homes provided."
  • My wife and I were apprehensive about building a house 'long-distance' from Louisiana, but our experience has been nothing but positive. You guys were easy to work with, upfront and honest about all aspects of the build. You allowed us to be concerned and provide input on things that were important to us but did not overwhelm us with all the details and allowances that didn't matter to us. The choices that you made on our behalf were perfect and I can't tell you how easy that made it."
  • When we selected Covenant Homes we were made to feel at home.  It was all about what we wanted in our home.  We were never told we couldn't make changes as we went along and we were informed of the cost of the changes so we could determine if it was in our budget."
  • All avenues of communication between us, the builder and the vendors flowed smoothly.  This made the experience stress less and enjoyable and we loved it.  We actually had fun!"
  • We are completely happy with the quality of work throughout the house. You have been very user friendly on any of our needs since we have moved in and have been very proactive. Your subcontractors have always been helpful, responsive and professional."
  • Great people who care about their customers and their needs and they will go the extra mile to ensure you build your dream."
  • We spent a lot of time to research and search for our first new construction purchase.  We found the quality of workmanship and materials offered by Covenant Homes an exceptional value in this area." 
  • Covenant Homes was very flexible in working with us to customize our new home within our budget limitations."
  • I like the quality that was obviously considered while the home was being built and will be glad to recommend Covenant Homes to anyone needing a good builder.  I have dealt with builders several times prior and you and your folks are by far the most responsive and professional."
  • Thanks and if you need a good reference I'll be happy to let folks know what a great job you did for us in making our move painless and rewarding."


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